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Carbon Dioxide Removal Applications

Remove carbon dioxide from natural gas and associated gas onshore and offshore

Treat any level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in your feed stream with our wide range of membrane products tailored to fit your needs: highly efficient CO2 removal with high methane recovery using Air Liquide Advanced Separations' (ALaS) MEDAL natural gas membranes or our high productivity, hydrocarbon resistant ALaS PEEK-Sep S-Guard membranes that require minimal pretreatment. The optimum membrane for each application.

Both the MEDAL and PEEK-Sep membrane technologies can be used independently or in combination to remove CO2 (and other contaminants), depending on the feed concentration and peformance targets. This broad membrane porfolio allows Air Liquide to optimize your CO2 removal system CAPEX and OPEX.

Natural Gas

  • Simple, compact CO2 removal to achieve pipeline specification
  • Natural gas at lowest CAPEX and OPEX
  • Reduce CO2 from over 70% to less than 3% with our efficient membrane technology

Associated Gas and Enhanced Oil Recovery

Recover methane from associated gas and maintain reservoir production through reinjection of carbon dioxide (CO2) by using Air Liquide Advanced Separations' CO2 separation technology.

Onshore and Offshore

Air Liquide Advanced Separations offers membrane solutions suitable for both onshore and offshore applications.

Other Applications

  • Hybrid systems in combination with amine units


  • Robust membrane technology requiring minimal pretreatment leads to reduced CAPEX and OPEX
  • Highly productive hollow fiber membrane technology minimizes footprint
  • Highly selective membranes minimize hydrocarbon losses to permeate/flare

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