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Oil & Gas

Membrane technology for upstream and downstream applications

At Air Liquide, we provide comprehensive industrial gas solutions to the oil and gas industry and turn-key energized fluids solutions using nitrogen and carbon dioxide. We offer membrane technology solutions for nitrogen production, gas separation and gas purification. We provide product, on-site storage equipment, logistical services and on-site management.


  • Nitrogen units for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), underbalanced drillng, general inerting
  • Onshore, offshore and subsea acid gas removal
  • Heliium recovery
  • Dehydration
  • Nitrogen rejection
  • Dewpointing
  • Degassing of liquids
  • Water treatment
  • Flare recovery
  • Fuel gas conditioning
  • Frac flow-back


  • Hydrogen recovery for refining
  • Inerting and pipeline services

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Ryan Connell, Sr. Director Sales & Marketing, Clean Energy