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Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Applications

Reduce or eliminate dependence upon absorption/adsorption systems for sulphur removal

Sour gas constituents in natural gas, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), create special challenges when removal is required to meet final product specifications. Depending upon the concentration, handling of the H2S often requires special materials of construction and safety procedures. In addition, the technologies typically used to remove H2S from natural gas are both complex and expensive.

Alternative Membrane Solution

Air Liquide Advanced Separations' (ALaS) PEEK-Sep P-Guard technology is ideal for bulk removal of H2S from natural gas. A simple P-Guard membrane skid with pre-treatment consisiting of only a coalesing filter, can efficiently remove 90-95% of H2S with a very low stage cut. This means that the low pressure permeate stream, concentrated in H2S, will be a small percentage of the feed steam, and can be either re-injected or flared. In the case of high H2S concentrations and high feed flow conditions, this permeate stream can be sent to a sulphur recovery facility.

Operating Systems

To date, Air Liquide Advanced Separations' (ALaS) operating reference units process 4% H2S or less in the feed stream. Air Liquide is constantly creating innovative solutions in our operations systems, including working to provide a membrane solution for high levels of H2S (20-30%).


  • Eliminates or reduces changeout frequency of adsorption media or absorption chemicals
  • Low pressure H2S containing permeate can be flared or re-injected

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