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Mining Applications

Inerting applications for deep mines and open cast

Coal mines around the world recognize the increased safety that various nitrogen inerting applications provide. The problem has always been getting the nitrogen where you want it, when you want it. Our FLOXAL onsite generation solution uses advanced membranes for inerting goaf and other underground areas. A fixed or portable installation on the surface of the mine delivers nitrogen on a normal application of 2,000Nm3/hr at 95% to 99.9% purity. Air Liquide offers sale of equipment, an onsite solution or portable equipment for short term requirements.

FLOXAL onsite solution

An Air Liquide FLOXALTM membrane supply system is a compact, fully integrated system that provides continuous supply of nitrogen as demand changes. It is a reliable, low-cost nitrogen supply solution when cryogenic purity is not required. The FLOXAL system is a clean air separation operation that requires only ambient air and electricity. This process uses our selective permation technology to separate nitrogen from the air. It is the most economical mode of supply for a wide range of flow rates. 

FLOXAL nitrogen generators are owned and maintained by Air Liquide, the world leader in nitrogen generation. Designed for reliability, Air Liquide has demonstrated success with thousands of FLOXAL units across multiple industries globally. 

Short Term Equipment

Some coal mining applications only require equipment on a shorter basis, such as 1 to 12 months. Air Liquide offers portable nitrogen generator systems that produce up to 2,000 Nm3/hr at 95% purity. These systems are accompanied by a diesel powered air compressor, and are often used for oil and gas inerting. 


  • There are no additional costs for maintenance or unexpected repairs, just a monthly fee

  • Performance is monitored in real-time back to your control room

  • FLOXAL solution is robust, reliable and easy to use

  • Customized to your coal mine needs

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