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Renewable Energy

Serving our customers with renewable natural gas

Air Liquide has developed an efficient, state-of-the-art membrane technology that makes upgrading biogas efficient and cost effective, providing a continuous, reliable source of renewable energy. Air Liquide has acquired strong in-house know-how for landfill gas well management, and design, engineering, construction and operation of biogas upgrading plants. This experience, along with our industry leading biogas upgrading technology, helps our plants run reliably and with the highest safety standards. 

Air Liquide Advanced Separations (ALaS) membranes play a key role in the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) in landfills, digesters and waste water treatment plants, and nitrogen (N2) rejection in digesters and wastewater treatment plants for the renewable energy sector. 

Customer Benefits

Our customers have found many benefits from using Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), including:

  • Meeting state mandates for power plants using renewable gas as a fuel resource
  • Meeting EPA and other renewable fuel mandates that require all fuel producers to use increasing quantities of renewable fuel
  • Attaining voluntary renewable fuel standards to help reduce greenhouse gases and reduce the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels 
  • RNG also has an advantage over solar or wind power in that the supply is not interrupted by weather conditions
  • Using RNG to run fuel cells providing a local, reliable and secure source of electrical power
  • RNG from biogas can be sourced from all across the country, using existing natural gas infrastructure to send RNG directly to your site

Environmental Benefits

  • When biogas from landfills, sewage treatment plants and other sources is upgraded to create natural gas as a renewable energy source, the EPA estimates that there is an 88% reduction in emissions over fossil fuels, making RNG one of the lowest carbon fuels available
  • Delivering biogas directly to users as RNG is up to two times efficient as burning raw biogas to generate electricity
  • The Air Liquide biogas upgrading system processes toxic and volatile gases without requiring expensive chemical handling and treatment
  • Using RNG helps achieve energy security and independence through long-term supply and pricing options while providing new marketing opportunities

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Ryan Connell, Sr. Director Sales & Marketing, Clean Energy