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Leading selectivity and reliability

Reliable Low Cost Solutions

With a wide range of polymer fibers, Air Liquide Advanced Separations (ALaS) can address your gas separation needs in recovering valuable molecules from purge streams in ammonia synthesis, methanol, syngas, or gas to liquids (GTL) processes. ALaS is the market leader in gas separation with its high productivity, high selectivity hollow fibers that outperform marketplace alternatives.

Robust fiber material withstand extreme operating conditions (up to 1300 psid, at up to 90°C), while remaining highly tolerant to elevated concentrations of aggressive compounds, such as ammonia (NH3), which are typically detrimental to other commercially available membranes. Our manufacturing procedures and strict quality control result in the highest selectivity gas separation membranes.

ALaS Offers Custom Designed Packaged Systems

Our individually tailored skidded systems offer low CAPEX / OPEX and compact footprints. High flexibility for turndown requirements and easily scalable to accommodate increased capacities. Highly customizable to meet the most demanding operating conditions and end user requirements.

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