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Refinery Purge Gas Applications

Recovery and purification of hydrogen in refinery operations

In the refining industry, feedstock and residual gas contain significant amounts of unused hydrogen. Efficient use of this hydrogen is critical to achieving optimal process performance and maximum profitability. With minimal feed gas pressures, Air Liquide Advanced Separations’ (ALaS) advanced hollow fiber membranes can achieve hydrogen recoveries over 95% and hydrogen purities over 99%. All ALaS hydrogen membrane systems are skid mounted, making hydrogen management flexible to fit all needs. Whether you are producing clean fuels, anticipating increased industry regulations, or performing any of the below applications, ALaS membranes can optimize your use of hydrogen, resulting in operating costs savings.

The Technology

Hydrogen (H₂) is selectively separated from methane (CH4) and heavy hydrocarbons by permeation through a polymeric hollow fiber membrane. The driving force is the partial pressure difference across the membrane for H₂, hydrocarbons and other impurities. H₂ is the “fast” gas, whereas CH4 and heavy hydrocarbons are the “slow” gases. The pressurized feed gas enters the bundle from the shell side; the hydrocarbons stay under pressure while the H₂ is collected at a lower pressure from the fiber bore.

Refinery Applications

  • HDT & HDS Off Gas 
  • Platformer Off Gas
  • PSA Off Gas
  • FCC Off Gas
  • Refinery Fuel Gas
  • HCU Off Gas


  • Hydrogen purities of >99% at significantly lower cost than new H₂ production
  • Improved H₂ utilization and increased hydroprocessing throughput rates
  • Low CAPEX, minimal OPEX and no moving parts
  • Prolonged catalyst life and performance

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